A little question of G4ParticleHPFission::ApplyYourself

There is still a little question of ‘’‘G4ParticleHPFission::ApplyYourself’‘’ . This method should calculated the final states after fission happening.
‘’‘G4ParticleHPFissionFS’‘’ should be involved into this method. However, I can’t find ‘’‘G4ParticleHPFission::ApplyYourself’‘’ use this class. And in ‘’‘G4ParticleHPFission::BuildPhysicsTable’‘’ ,
I find the ‘’‘G4ParticleHPFissionFS’‘’ class is used. So I can’t understand it. The program don’t use ‘’‘G4ParticleHPFission::ApplyYourself’‘’ method or in other way, used the
‘’‘G4ParticleHPFission::BuildPhysicsTable’‘’ method?
Thank you! waiting for your help!