Aborted (core dumped)

Dears, I used 4*10^9 histories in my run but aborted after 2147480000 events as shown in snapshot below. Would you please indicate to me what mistake I did?
aborted.txt (14.1 KB)

The most events you can do in a single run is just over 2 billion (actually 2^31-1). To do 410^9, you will have to do two runs with 210^9 events (as an example) and combine results afterwards. Just make sure that in the second run, you are not using the same starting seeds as for the first run.

Dear Halait-Ge,

I think it occurs due to a matter of the maximum value of ‘integer’, 2147483647.

Dear Jieonb-Hyu,
Yes, you are true as you see in the comment John_McFee recommended me to make in to two runs with different seeds and I tried but I couldn`t do the runs with different seeds. Would you help me how I can do it? if it is possible better to run in one run with the mentioned history.

Dear Halait-Ge,

You can provide a random seed to the simulation with a simple command.

/random/setSeeds XXXXX YYYYY (Write integers in XXXXX and YYYYY)
For example, /random/setSeeds 575841909 838392975

I also recommend you should execute the simulation with two or more different random seeds.
Additionally, You need to check the results to see if different random numbers are giving you different results.

Best regards,
Jaeyoung Jeong