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Hi all,
I am starting with /examples/basic/B1 of geant4. In the B1, the README file claims: The following datasets: G4LEDATA,G4LEVELGAMMADATA,G4NEUTRONXSDATA,G4SAIDXSDATA and G4ENSDFSTATEDATA are mandatory for this example. But I can run this example without downloading these additional datasets after installation. Is these datasets really needed? Besides, in this example the incoming particle is a 6MeV gamma. Can I change the energy of incoming gamma to 10-100keV?

I believe necessary datasets are downloaded when you install Geant4.

You can change the energy of the gammas in the primary generator action class

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Hi. thanks for your help. But I am wondering whether the physics list in B1 “QBBC” can deal with xray with energy 10-100 keV?

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