Activation of FORTRAN code DPMJET interface

I want to activate the DPMJET code for heavy-ion interaction in Hadr02 example (geant4-10-04-patch-02 ). Where should I modify the environment variables, in file or in any other file.

The interface to DPMJET in Hadr02 has been removed since Geant4 10.2.

Thanks for your kind reply.
Is there any possible method to use the DPMJET model in v.4.10.4 ?
And what about UrQMD interface defined in Hadr02, does it exist in this version, if so, how can be it used ?

There is no simple way to use DPMJET with Geant4 10.4 or later.

Regarding the UrQMD interace in Hadr02, it should work with Geant4 10.4 or later.
Please have a look at the README file on how to use it.

It says we can get UrQMD from given site but this site provides password restricted source and didn’t get any response from website authority.
Secondly in which file do I need to define “setenv G4_USE_URQMD 1”.
Being a newbie I would appreciate it if you can provide more detailed steps.

UrQMD 1.3 FORTRAN code is NOT provided with Geant4 code-base.
You can get UrQMD code from UrQMD code website:
The Geant4 interface has been developed and tested against urqmd-1.3cr
Once the tarball urqmd-1.3cr.tar.gz has been downloaded copy it in the
urqmd1_3 directory of this example.
To compile support for UrQMD interface in the example define the environment
variable G4_USE_URQMD. i.e. by typing:

setenv G4_USE_URQMD 1

I cannot help regarding the UrQMD source code: I have never used it.
Regarding the “setenv G4_USE_URQMD 1” , this is a command to type in the terminal you are using, not something to put inside any file.

Thanks for your help.