Appropriate way to reduce number of steps/increase step length?

We use an add-on library (G4CMP) with Geant4 to model energy transfer in crystals. This library includes a process which acts at the end of each step, converting the recorded energy deposit (total or NIEL) into electron/hole pairs and optionally primary phonons.

For various reasons, I’d like have this conversion only happen a few times per track, where appropriate. In particular, if a track takes very short steps, I end up with multiple conversions happening, which I’d really like to be consolidated into a single, larger energy deposit.

Is there any sensible way to ask G4 to “combine steps”, or to use a longer step length? Either globally, or within a G4Region? Given that the step length in G4 is determined by the various EM processes’ MFPs and thrown interaction lengths, what I want may not be possible.