Are particles in G4materials static?


I am trying to simulate the electromagnetic scattering of a Deuteron beam on a thin proton target. I see the expected deuteron scatter peak, however I also expect a second peak of protons that can be scattered which I don’t observe. I have described my target using G4materials shown below;

G4double TrgDensity= 2.78e-9*g/cm3;

G4Material* TrgMat = new G4Material(“Target”, z=1., 1.01*g/mole, TrgDensity);

G4Tubs* Trg = new G4Tubs(“Trg”,, 3.5mm, 100.*mm, 0.*deg, 360.deg);
logicTrg = new G4LogicalVolume(Trg, TrgMat, “Target”);

I was wondering whether the target as described this way allows for scattering of target protons or whether I need to describe it another way.


To force G4CoulombScattering to generate the recoil nuclei, you must set to zero the cut for proton (a typical Geant4 trick …)
1- in your PhysicsList::SetCut() method : setCutValue (0*mm, “proton”). See example Hadr06
2- or via UI command : /run/setCutForAGivenParticle. See attached macro for TestEm1
jordan.mac.txt (365 Bytes)

I have forgotten to suggest to run the macro interactively with visualisation.
jordan2.mac.txt (393 Bytes)

Thank you! I can see the recoils now.