Backward K-long etc from muon interaction

We are interested in muon interactions - cosmic ray muons striking the ground in our case - producing backward-going neutrals that then decay. This has the potential to mimic exotic long-lived particles produced at the LHC which penetrate the ~100-m of rock and decay in a surface detector volume.

Can you advise which physics models are best suited for this use case? It would be great if you can also point us to the underlying measurements used to validate this part of the physics model. Thanks!

G4MuonVDNuclearModel. This is included in most of the Geant4-provided physics lists.


this question is too difficult. In Geant4 there is only one model for muon-nuclear interaction, it is included in all reference Physics Lists by default. In this model, muons produce spectrum of virtual gamma, which interacts with the target nucleus and produce final hadron state. Estimate accuracy of kaon production in this model not easy, because such data are absent. One can suggest to search and study data for kaon production by hadron or ion projectile, likely such data exist for charged kaons.