Basic examples crash when run with visualization while multithreading

I decided to make the shift over to multithreading in an effort to save some time. Having changed the proper environmental variable and reinstalled Geant4, I’ve found that while I can visualize the detector geometry in examples (e.g. B1), the program crashes immediately with message “Illegal instruction: 4” upon generating any primary particles. This problem does not occur when no visualization occurs (i.e. when I run a simulation through a macro file). This problem is a pretty good one to have in the scheme of things, as commenting out the lines pertinent to multithreading in the main .cc file immediately solves things, of course at the expense of multithreading capabilites. Nevertheless, I’d appreciate to be able to avoid commenting/uncommenting code back and forth, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If pertinent, I’m currently running G4.10.6.2, with QT, and XCode as a compiler.


I don’t understand this. I am running with G4 dev (10.6.2+), Qt 5.15.0 and Xcode 12.0 and all’s fine.

You pin the blame on vis. But might it be in primary particle generator? Let us have more details.