Best way to get steradian value from simulation?

Currently my job has tasked me with the simulation of secondary neutrons produced from deuterons impinging on a thick graphite target.
Most of the experimental data that I can find on similar irradiations have results in Thick Target Neutron Yields (TTNYs) usually with unit [# of Neutrons per MeV per steradian per micro coulomb].

Geant4 easily shows the # of neutrons produced and energy [MeV].

For coulombs, I converted charge in coulombs to number of charges [ 1 microAmp ≈ 6.24e^18 deuterons/sec]

The hardest unit to figure for me was steradian since I haven’t used it before now. What I have done was set up a sensitive detector disk with different radius sections. In this way I got the number of secondary neutrons that passed through a few different steradian ranges. I feel like this isn’t terribly accurate but I’m unsure of a better method.

I’m writing this topic to ask advice about how to better obtain TTNYs and more specifically steradian values in Geant4.
If anyone has any insight into either TTNYs or steradian values your help would be greatly appreciated!