Boundary of world

Can anyone help me to understand the boundary of world because i am a little bit confused about world boundary, can anyone confirm this, am i right or wrong ?

in the picture i put the three vectors at center of the world but why it is not coming in center, is it because the world i am considering(complete black part is world or it is till G4 symbol ?), is not a world boundary.
if i consider world boundary till G4 symbol then i think it is in the center, can anyone confirm this.
This will be a grate help as i am new in this GEANT4 software.
I am doing modifications in B1 example of Geant4 that has come with installation.

The vis system adjusts the view to get all volumes nicely in the view.

You can see the world coordinate system with
and you put the origin at the centre of the view with
/vis/viewer/set/targetPoint 0 0 0 m

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Thanks a lot !
it worked.