Bremsstrahlung Biasing using UI Commands

Hello fellow GEANT4 users,

I am working with the 10.06 GEANT4 version and using the UI commands ‘/process/em/setSecBiasing’ and ‘/process/em/setBiasingFactor’ to implement uniform Bremsstrahlung splitting and Bremsstrahlung cross-section enhancement, respectively. The former is working fine and the weights of the generated photons reflect the splitting number. However, using the command ‘/process/em/setBiasingFactor eBrem 200 1’ seems to have no effect on the weights of the generated photons. I can visually confirm that changing the enhancement factor changes the number of photons produced but the weights of these photons are all ones. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I realized that the flag needs to be set to “true” instead of “1”. The issue has been resolved. The command “/process/em/setBiasingFactor eBrem 200 true” did the trick.