Changing The Maximum Energy for a Physics List

I’m looking to simulate Pb 208 82 ions at LHC energies (6.37 TeV * 82 = 522 TeV) on fixed targets. In Geant4.10.5 and 6 I see there’s G4HadronicParameters that’s a singleton to control the maximum energy (default 100TeV for the particle). This only has access though to the value that’s hard coded - meaning I have to edit / recompile Geant4, which is fine, but prevents me using a standard g4 install.

Is there a way to set the upper energy across all physics lists (including EM for example)?

Would you have any suggestions for how I might also do this with Geant4.10.4.p03? I need to use this for larger models as the tracking is significantly slower in 5 and 6 for my application.



for hadronic physics currently you can change upper limit only by hand.

For EM physics there is an UI command for any release:

/process/eLoss/maxKinEnergy 1000 TeV

However, you may not need this, because current 100 TeV limit is not for ion energy but it is energy per projectile nucleon.