Computer spec question for geant4 (cpu, ram, gpu, vram)

What does geant4 simulation and visualization program use mainly so that I may upgrade those parts (CPU, RAM, GPU or VRAM). And is either Windows or Mac preferred for geant4 or does it not matter.

I am getting a computer soon with hope to run geant4 smoothly. I wonder what geant4 uses mainly when it is running its program and while opening visualization. I had trouble opening some big visualization files with my old computer as it lags so much. Also some simulations ran too long.

I was also wondering whether a Ryzen Threadripper would be a good upgrade for a GEANT4 machine.

Geant4 does not use the GPU for any compute operations so the only benefit w.r.t. Geant4 and an upgraded GPU would be the visualization – assuming the visualization libraries (i.e. OpenGL) are using the GPU. A CPU upgrade that increased the number of CPU cores would provide a benefit in terms of the number of threads you could run in parallel for the simulation

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