Counting and storing the number of neutrons produced in a multi particle primary vertex

Hello! I wonder if someone can help me set up and simulate the neutrons produced in a
block of water for the following set of simultaneous primaries (all at t=x=y=z=0):

1.proton (PDGID=2212,Energy=0.925 GeV,Px=0.119GeV, -0.026GeV,0.170 GeV)

2.Nitrogen-15 atom (PDGID=1000070150,Energy=13.966GeV,Px=-0.117GeV,Py=0.022GeV,-0.170GeV)

  1. neutron (PDGID=2112,Energy=2.304 GeV,Px=-0.171,Py=0.169 GeV, Pz=0.149GeV)

  2. gamma (PDGID=22, Energy=4.47 MeV, Px=-2MeV, Py=4MeV,Pz=0MeV)

I have looked at some of the examples GEANT4 has, and it appears that Hadr04 in the Hadronic folder looks something like what I would like. It appears to be storing information such as the time of flight of generated neutrons, as well as the track lengths and what each neutron does (e.g. captures/decays/inelastic scatters etc).

but it cannot track neutrons above 20 MeV? If I understood this correctly, what kind of physics lists should I be using (for instance, the neutron above is over 2 GeV, so maybe this is difficult?, I’m not certain :confused: )

I am a little stuck and would appreciate any help - thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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