Crash during the run

Dear Geant4 users,
I created a simulation of a chamber in which I generate radionuclides positively ionized with a random uniform distribution in the whole chamber volume. There is an electric field that transport this ions, the ions are collected on the detector surface. I’m interesting only in their alpha decay and so I use the command /process/had/rdm/nucleusLimits . With the use of /run/beamOn simulation starts but after 10 event the simulation stops and it closes itself without any error message.
What goes wrong? Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you in advance,
Best regards.

Insufficient data. Log file? Debugger run with traceback? Verbose output in log file? What kind of diagnostic troubleshooting have you already done to isolate where or why the simulation ends and exits?

Hi, thank you for your help and sorry for my late response.
I discovered that if I run the simulation without radioactive decay process the ions were transported by the electric field and the simulation ends correctly. Also I tried with other types of particles and I doscovered that if an alpha particle hits the detector the simulation stops and it closes itself. This is strange becouse the same simulation with a different chamber’s geometry run correctly. Do you have any advice?
Thank you in advance.

to record the energy deposited in the detector I used the method illustrated in example B4a.

Hi, this is my geometry. The blue cylinder is full with air and inside it I generate my particles. The small white cylinder is my silicon detector. The base of blue cylinder is positioned in (0,0,0).
In this case I have the problem that the simulation stops and closes itself.
Now I discovered that if I move thebase of the blue cylinder in the position (-0.1*mm,0,0) the simulation woks correctly.
Why does not it work in the previous case?
Which could be the problem?
Thank you in advace for your help.
Best regards