Create new process for a material

Hi, I want to simulate the small-angle scattering of ‘gamma’ particles in lungs. I have a model with which I can compute the deviation of a particle after it travels some distance in the lung tissue. What is the best way to introduce this process?

The closest model which I found is the multiple scattering, but it is based on the Coulomb scattering, whereas the scattering in lungs is based on refraction. My guess is to create the process with G4VMultipleScattering while modifying the Geant4 source code locally, but I hope that there is a simpler way.


we have G4RayleighScattering process describing elastic scattering of gamma. This process is a part of the default EM physics. The model used by default G4LivermoreRayleighScatteringModel. If its accuracy do not adequate to your task it is possible to replace this model by alternative. For that you may use G4EmConfigurator interface on top os any reference Physics List.


Thank you for the answer! So far I have built the new process from scratch, as it was too hard to derive it from the existing processes and models due to a lot of code. I consider trying it in the future with the model you suggested.