Creating GDML models using a similar approach to CAD users

There are two main ways or creating GDML models.

  1. Creating solid graphic models using GDML/Geant4’s rich set of solids with booleans
  2. Taking CAD models and Tessellating

The later tends to produce objects with lots of facets which can effect the times of simulations

Thanks to some great work by Munther Hindi a beta2 version of FreeCAD GDML
now has facilities to create GDML objects using the approach that people typically use to create CAD models, i.e. They create sketches that can be extruded, revolved etc. The resulting files are much smaller than the same CAD objects tessellated and simulations are much faster see Extrude link below

We are looking for people who might be interested in providing feedback, suggestions and testing as there is a lot of new code.


For more information please checkout the following links

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Curious to know, Keith, why you selected OGLI (“immediate mode”), rather than OGLS (“stored mode”) to display some of you images. I’m wondering if the “display list limit” was an issue.


Munther says he was just using Defaults for his system