Creating multiple copies and placing it in spherical coordinates

I was constructing a clover germanium detector array.

I successfully created a geometry of four crystals.

Now I want to place such copies in space at different spherical coordinates.

Using G4PVParameterisation how can i do it. Or is there any other way to solve this problem?

How to place two different solid who have already more copies of them.

G4Tubs* base = new G4Tubs(“Shape1”, 0, 50mm, 50mm, 0, 360deg);
G4Box * cut = new G4Box(“cut”, 45
mm, 45mm, 50mm);

G4IntersectionSolid * solidShape1 = new G4IntersectionSolid(“HPGe”, base, cut);
G4LogicalVolume* fLogicCrystal =
new G4LogicalVolume(solidShape1, //its solid
crystalmat, //its material
//fLogicCrystal = new G4LogicalVolume(solidShape1, crystalmat, “Shape1”);

new G4PVPlacement(0, //no rotation
//G4ThreeVector(rho * cos(i* phi + phi/2.), rho * sin(i * phi + phi/2.), 5.0cm),
G4ThreeVector(0, 0, 25
fLogicCrystal, //its logical volume
“Shape1”, //its name
logicWorld, //its mother volume
false, //no boolean operation
0, //iteration