Cs137 spectrum using NaI (TL) detector

Hello everyone,
I want to get spectrum of Cs137 source using NaI(TL) scintillation detector. From Which example i can get spectrum ?
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You must first choose if you want a spectrum of energy deposited or of number of scintillation photons produced by the NaI(Tl) detector. If you want energy deposited, modify example B1 as I described in Scintillation detector . If you want the spectrum of scintillation photons, modify example OpNovice as I’ve described in the same place.

For the first case, also modify example B1 so that it outputs to a file the total energy deposited in the detector for each event. If instead you are doing the second case, modify example OpNovice so that it outputs to a file the total number of scintillation photons produced in the detector for each event.

For either case, after a run of N events, you will have a file with N entries (depending on geometry, many may be 0). This is like a list mode data collection file. Use any external software you prefer, e.g., Matlab, Octave, R, etc. (I use Octave) to convert the list-mode data into a histogram of frequency vs energy or frequency vs number of scintillation photons produced.

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Thank you very much John. I have one more question. In exampleB1 dose is calculated by dosimeter or any other detector ?

In exampleB1 the dose is calculated (deposited energy is added up) in the Shape2 volume. (Look in SteppingAction.cc. You will see a statement conditional on the scoring volume before adding energy collected in the step:
‘if (volume != fScoringVolume) return;’
The fScoringVolume in turn is set in DetectorConstruction.cc.
‘fScoringVolume = logicShape2;’)

You can set Shape2 to be your detector and modify the parameters of that volume and its material accordingly.

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Thank you very much sir. I understood.

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