Daughter volume

I have 2 volumes:

  1. phantom parameterized volume (the daughter of a container)
  2. assembly volume

Is that possible to make my assembly volume as the daughter of my phantom parameterized volume?. How to do it?.

is it just using this?
AssembVol->MakeImprint( voxel_logic, Transform_matrix);

with the voxel logic belongs to the parameterized volume;
G4LogicalVolume* voxel_logic = new G4LogicalVolume(voxel_solid,fAir,“VoxelLogical”,0,0,0);

G4PVParameterised * patient_phys = new G4PVParameterised(“phantom”,voxel_logic,fContainer_logic,
kXAxis, fNVoxelXfNVoxelYfNVoxelZ, param);