Daughters Overlaps problem

Hello everybody,
I want to ask please how can overlaps between two daughters affect the dose deposition in one of them?
Thanks in advance for any answer.

When you have volume overlaps, the interaction of particles is not well-defined: from some directions, a particle may appear to stay in one volume, or transition to the other volume, in inconsistent ways.

Hello mkelsey,
First, thank you for your answer.
I want just to ask another question concerning this problem, please. In fact, is it possible to overcome this problem by just making the two daughter volumes, one the mother of the other daughter volume, because initially both are the world daughters, if not is there any method that I can apply to overcome this problem?

If one volume fully surrounds the other, then yes, you should have a mother daughter relationship. If the overlap is partial, then you probably need to do a boolean subtraction on one of them to make a hole for the other to fit in.

Thank you very much for your answers, that helped me a lot

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