Debug Error trying to run example B1

Just getting set up, installed on Windows 10 using Visual Studio and CMake
Had some fun building and rebuilding multiple times (don’t forget to Run as Administrator!)
Now have reached an impasse B1 configures and build but won’t execute, and won’t debug, error screen pictured below, have tried executing directly in folder, in debug folder and both in command prompt. Didn’t do any code modifications of any kind, have seen similar posts but none seem to be resolved Geant4Ex1Error|690x399

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I recently started using GEANT4, and was using Windows and found it frustrating to get going. After a while I tried VMWare with Ubuntu and using GEANT4 became much easier.

Yeah, I got it working eventually through command line, couldn’t get any functionality via executable install, the main issue I found that wasn’t mentioned was the need to reboot regularly to make sure the environmental variable registry is updated, other than that it was just some syntax errors that were really holding me up. I think some of the getting started guide could use a quick review from someone with no idea what they’re doing. It’s a good guide and well simplified but there are some tiny assumptions that fly completely over the heads of people with more of a conceptual understanding of coding than a working one