Degeneracy of the "G4Tet"

When constructing G4Tet class, it checks the degeneracy of the tetrahedron.
My question is, dose degenerated tetrahedrons actually occur any problem in particle transportation?
I mean is it okay to just simply ignore the degeneracy?

Plus, I have noticed that when I construct the class I can ignore the degeneracy by using boolean variable like below.

G4bool degenChk;
new G4Tet(“tet”, v0, v1, v2, v3, &degenChk);

However, there is no way to ignore the degeneracy when I use SetVertices().
If degeneracy is not a big deal, can I make a pull request for SetVertices() to have same functionality to ignore the degeneracy?

Yes, it is possible, why not to add a parameter for ignorance of degeneracy. But you should be aware that degenerate tetrahedrons potentially can cause some issues during navigation, like “stucked tracks”. I don’t think that it will happen often, but in principle possible.

To have a reference to this request, please repost your message in the Geant4 Problem Tracking System

Great! BTW I really like the modified G4Tet. The new SetVertices method is perfect for our study to calculate doses for deforming tetrahedral mesh phantoms. Thanks for ur contribution.

Plus, the stucked tracks is already happening so ignoring degeneracy would not make a change. I will post it together with degeneracy issue on Geant4 Problem Tracking System.