Deposited energy by a single particle

Hello @weller truly, the previous graph refered to a carbon target (I used it for a fast simulation probe). On the contrary, to compare simulation-data results I must use a tungsten target and this is the plot of track id

as you can see…in this case, the number of trackID is higher than in the probe using the carbon.

I modified the code retriving the secondaries

 for(size_t lp1=0;lp1<(*fSecondary).size(); lp1++){
     secondaryParticleName =  (*fSecondary)[lp1]->GetDefinition() -> GetParticleName();  // name of the secondary
     process = (*fSecondary)[lp1]-> GetCreatorProcess()-> GetProcessName();   // process creating it
     fSectrackID = (*fSecondary)[lp1]->GetTrackID(); //track id
     fSsecparID = (*fSecondary)[lp1]->GetParentID();   //parent id
     volumeName = (*fSecondary)[lp1] -> GetVolume() -> GetName(); // volume where secondary was generated 

 if(volume==fScoringVolumeScint) { 
		int pdg = step->GetTrack()->GetParticleDefinition()->GetPDGEncoding();
		analysisManager->FillNtupleDColumn(9,0, pdg);
		int trackID = step->GetTrack()->GetTrackID();
		analysisManager->FillNtupleDColumn(9,1, trackID);
		int evtID = evt->GetEventID();
		analysisManager->FillNtupleDColumn(9,2, evtID);
		int parID = step->GetTrack()->GetParentID();
		analysisManager->FillNtupleDColumn(9,3, parID);
		double partEdep = step->GetTotalEnergyDeposit();
		analysisManager->FillNtupleDColumn(9,4, partEdep);

following this message of @guatelli Energy Deposited from Secondary Particle in RadioProtection Class but I always get the energy for each step instead of for each secondary particle…