Depth-dose Curve

Hi Geant4 users,
I am fairly new to Geant4,
I want to see the depth dose profile of 10MeV electron beam in a cube of water . For it, I am using examples/extended/electromagnetic/Testem11.
Now, my question is, the generated depth dose curve (MeV/mm) along the depth of absorber. How, I can change this MeV/mm into MeV/cm. and I want to generate dose profile curve between dose (Not in MeV/mm but in Grey) and depth of absorber.
For this, what changes need to be done .
Also I want to calculate PDD( Percentage depth dose ) curve in water cube for electron beam. How, I can generate this curve.
Thank you in advance for any kind of help.

1- line 332 of
2- before normalization you have an energy per bin. You have to divide by the mass of the bin.
3- I am not sure to understand your demand.

@maire …thank you very much…let me try accordingly… yes you have understood my demand. also how can I draw PDD (Percentage depth dose ) curve.

@maire … for getting the mass of bin.what code i should write

@maire …when i am writing: G4double binMass = analysisManager->GetH1Mass(ih); Then there is error that
/home/local1/TestEm11-debugged/TestEm11-debugged/src/ In member function ‘void Run::EndOfRun()’:
/home/local1/TestEm11-debugged/TestEm11-debugged/src/ error: ‘using G4AnalysisManager = class G4RootAnalysisManager’ has no member named ‘GetH1Mass’
G4double binMass = analysisManager->GetH1Mass(ih);