Different branches of 212Bi

to whom it may concern,

I tried to search for open threads on this topic and I couldn’t find anything, but feel free to redirect in case there is already something open.

I’m extremely new to geant4 and I’m trying to simulate the decay of Bi212, which has two branches:

  • Bi212->Po212->Pb208, beta quickly (~300ns) followed by alpha
  • Bi212->Tl208->Pb208, alpha followed by a delayed beta (~3minutes)

Since I’m simulating ~2us acquisition windows the Tl->Pb is lost and I would like g4 to fully simulate the first branch, while stop on the Tl on the second. Is there a way to do this (I was looking at the examples using the /grdm/sourceTimeProfile command but I really didn’t understand the filename formatting) or simply tell g4 to stop the simulation after a given time? Again this might be trivial, but I’m just approaching g4 so any help is welcome. Thank you in advance