Different range for RINDEX and FAST/SLOW components

Dear experts,

I’m trying to define the optical properties of a scintillator using a different energy range for RINDEX and another one for the SLOW/FAST components. However, when I use a large range for the RINDEX, it also produce photons outside the range where I have defined the SLOW/FAST components for the emission spectrum

In this plot the rindex and fas/slow components are defined in the same interval

In this plot the rindex is defined from 200 nm

My questions is, the energy range have to be the same for all the properties? If so, it’s possible to modify it? since I know the RINDEX for larger interval but the emission spectrum is shorter.

I attached two plots to illustrate the problem.

Thanks in advance for any input!


The optical photons with wavelengths outside the scintillation property wavelengths are surely produced by Cerenkov radiation. You can limit the energy range by changing the energies for which RINDEX is defined, as you note. Also Cerenkov can be disabled completely with macro command

/process/optical/processActivation Cerenkov false

if you are using the G4OpticalPhysics constructor.