DNA chemistry doesn't work with G4Ellipsoid as world volume (bug)


It seems that I’ve found a bug in version 10.5: DNA chemistry examples work incorrectly when G4Ellipsoid is used as world volume.

How to reproduce a bug: just replace G4Box with G4Ellipsoid in DetectorConstruction.cc file of chem1 or chem5 example.

It works correctly with G4Sphere and incorrectly with G4Ellipsoid even when ellispoid is exactly sphere (all semi-axes are even). Bug can be easily seen in chem1 example’s output: chemistry stops at 1 picosecond instead of 1 microsecond.

I would appreciate if you tell me how to fix this.

Update: the problem is no more in version 10.6 beta: to fix the problem in 10.5 it is needed to put “AddTransportation()” in function ConstructProcess in PhysicsList.cc file.


this bug was fixed in 10.5patch01. This issue is now resolved, the thread is closed.