DNA physics for proton

Hi everybody,
I simulated a proton beam hitting a cell which contains gold nano-particles. I used the complete physics lists available in DNA_physics example (G4EmLivermorePhysics and G4EmDNAPhysicsActivator simultaneously).
But changing the nano-particle’s material has no effect on the simulation.
Anybody can help me :pray:?

I am currently working on research in the treatment of protons using nanoparticles of gold and
I have an inquiry that I am using in G4EmDNAPhysics only and it appears to me as in the attachment
Because I am working on pulling the information to make sure the simulation
Why did you use this in simulations G4EmLivermorePhysics??
Make sure that the protons are hitting the nanoparticles, as the error in the source geometry may be, please check of PrimaryGeneratorAction.cc

Thank you for your reply.
In fact, I used G4EmLivermorePhysics due to the limitation of G4EmDNAPhysics in water medium. The nano particle is gold and I think it doesn’t work with G4EmDNAPhysics.

Yes it may be gold particles working with G4EmDNAPhysics
But in the water it does not work with it
Attach this file to you which I used in the code
I have an inquiry, how can you use them G4EmLivermorePhysics? Any example you used in your research؟؟
I used an example of dna/clustering
Hope you reply
thank you very muchPhysicsList.cc (2.5 KB)

Can we help with the work? I work on Geant4 and did my master’s thesis research, and I am also currently working on a mammography research using Geant4 and also I did research in the study of backscattering from metal surfaces with Geant4 and now I have a wish to do research in proton therapy.
With my sincere thanks to you

Thank you Reem,
I use the physics-list provided in dnaphysics. As it is said in ReadMe file, it has the most complete physics for such simulations.
PhysicsList.cc (3.8 KB)

thank you very much
I am glad to know you and I hope to see your research in the future
thank you very much

I have a question… and thank you for your reply
A week ago I was researching the topic of Proton Therapy and found a package " TOPAS " in Geant 4
Everyone admits that it is excellent and easier than Geant 4
Did you use this package??

and thank you so much

I know about TOPAS. It is based on Geant4 and easier than that, because it doesn’t require C++ programming. For DNA simulation you should use TOPAS-nBio which is an extension of TOPAS. By the way, I like to work with Geant4 because I love it :slight_smile:.

I even love to work on Geant4,
I have an inquiry if possible
I hope to see any scientific papers that you previously published to you,
I thank you
thank you so much

Dear, would you please give me a hint how i can uniformly distributed Nano particles(like gold, platinum and nickel etc. into a water phantom?
Thank you in advance!


please look at the advanced example fastAerosol. It shows how to distribute spheres (in that case drops) randomly in a medium.

Thank you very much!