Does G4TScoreNtupleWriter work with G4VSensitiveDetector?


I have a question regarding the G4TScoreNtupleWriter: can it work with a G4VSensitiveDetector subclass like in the B2 example or does it only work with the combination of G4MultiFunctionalDetector and G4VPrimitiveScorer like in example B3? If it does, what do I need to adapt in the B2 example to make the G4TScoreNtupleWriter work?



G4TScoreNtupleWriter performs storing hits collections of G4THitsMap; which are registered to G4Event hits collections. So if user defined in his own sensitive detector a hit collection of this type, G4TScoreNtupleWriter should be able to handle them.

It cannot be used with a user defined hits of user type; in this case, you have to use G4Analysis ntuples directly.

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