Electron-hole pair production

Dear Colleagues,

I was reading a conference presentation and one of the discussion was about electron-hole pair generation and determination of induced voltages using Geant4. Could anyone here point me to an example simulation of e-h pair production in Geant4? Is there any example which comes with the Geant4 package?

Please advise?

Modeste Tchakoua

The Geant4 toolkit does not treat solid-state behaviour at that level of detail. There is an add-on library, G4CMP, which treats the physics of cryogenic solid-state devices, including electron-hole creation and transport and acoustic phonon creation and transport.

At present, G4CMP only supports silicon or germanium substrates, but additional materials can be used if you have the appropriate parameters available.

Dear Mskelsey,

Thank you for replying to my post. I am doing more research on G4CMP . I will need your help in the future. I do understand that you are one of the authors of this code.