Energy loss rate in GEANT

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I simulated a 120GeV proton beam went though the 3mm PVT scintillator.
The plot below shows the energy deposition in the scintillator. So on average the energy loss rate is about 180 KeV/mm.

But when I check the PDG data table, I can only find the data of muon in PVT.

120 GeV proton has the same \gamma\beta as 13.4 GeV muon, so from the table above, I should expect energy loss rate to be about 255 KeV/mm (2.48*1.032(g/cm^3)*100). This is different from what I get from simulation.

Does anyone may know the reason?


Secondaries can escape the layer (leakage). If so, they do not deposit all their energy in it.
Total energy deposited is smaller or equal than total energy lost by primary particle.
Tou can study this phenomena with examples TestEm0, 3, 5, 18.

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here a macro for TestEm18 and the corresponding plots.
yihui.mac.txt (462 Bytes)
yihui.pdf (16.4 KB)

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for completion.
yihui.mac.txt (437 Bytes)