Energy loss straggling for heavy ion (Z>50)


I am trying to make a model of the interaction between heavy ion beams (Z = from 50 to 90, E=~250 MeV/nucleon) and gas detector (Argon etc.).
The main interest is the position distribution of energy deposit by the emitted electrons and the beam itself.

The energy loss of heavy ions is well reproduced by FTFP_BERT and FTFP_BERT_EMZ compared to LISE++. (Fig1)
However, the energy loss straggling may not be reproduced in the region of Z>50, if the LISE++ model is correct. (Fig2)
That is, the energy deposit of the heavy ions may probably not modeled correctly.
Do you have a recommended physics model for this discussion?

All advice is welcome.
Thank you for your time.

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