Error into exporting in .wrl (VRML2FILE) a particular type of geometry

Dear all,

I have an issue into exporting the geometry in .wrl format. Here, the geometry that I am simulating, plotted as following in OpenGL:

What I want to do, it is to export this geometry in the format “.wrl” and I adopted a macro with the command:

/vis/open VRML2FILE

I used paraview to read the file, but there are sectors of this geometry that are squared as following:

This is not correct, considering that the sectors defined in the detector class have a regular shape as shown here below (plotted in OpenGL):

Any suggestion to fix this problem, please?

Thanks in advance for your time.
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That will probably be just a circle->polygon approximation. Try /vis/viewer/set/lineSegmentsPerCircle 100.

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It works! Thank you very much!