Error when executing the example rdecay02 with VR mode

Hello, everyone. I want to learn about radioacitve decay biasing by using the Geant4 example in examples/extended/radioactivedecay/rdecay02. The program works fine in analogue mode, however, it encounters segmentation violation in VR mode. For example, running the rdecay02 program with proton-beam.mac will report an error and stop in the first event. The error messages are listed below.
I tried to debug the error, and it seems to be something wrong with Since I don’t know how to use the radioactive decay biasing technique, there is no way I can fix the problem.
Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance!

Here is the error message:

CAUGHT SIGNAL: 11 ### address: 0, signal = SIGSEGV, value = 11, description = segmentation violation. Address not mapped to object.

[PID=11189, TID=3][ 0/18]> ./…/cmake-build-debug/rdecay02(+0x1e621) [0x5627a5f25621]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 1/18]> ./…/cmake-build-debug/rdecay02(+0x1e361) [0x5627a5f25361]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 2/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f3818e10936]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 3/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f3818e26488]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 4/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f3818e67303]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 5/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f38197bbc1c]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 6/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f38197bbb5e]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 7/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f38197bbead]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 8/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f38197b8d3a]
[PID=11189, TID=3][ 9/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f38197a82d6]
[PID=11189, TID=3][10/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f38197b038d]
[PID=11189, TID=3][11/18]> /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f38145ef47f]
[PID=11189, TID=3][12/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f38197b050c]
[PID=11189, TID=3][13/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f381669b6d1]
[PID=11189, TID=3][14/18]> /home/chao/Geant4/geant4-install/lib/ [0x7f381669be33]
[PID=11189, TID=3][15/18]> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f381634d4c0]
[PID=11189, TID=3][16/18]> /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f38145e6609]
[PID=11189, TID=3][17/18]> /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f3815e24163]

: Segmentation fault (Address not mapped to object [(nil)])

_Geant4 Version:_11.0.2
_Operating System:_Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
_CMake Version:_3.22.1

你好,我和您有同样的问题 请问您解决了吗?Hello, I have the same problem as you .Can you solve it?

Not yet. It seems nobody is interested in this topic…

after i comment the code in // Hadron Inelastic physics
//RegisterPhysics( new G4HadronPhysicsFTFP_BERT(verb));
//RegisterPhysics( new G4HadronInelasticQBBC(verb));
//RegisterPhysics( new G4HadronPhysicsINCLXX(verb));
//RegisterPhysics(new G4EmStandardPhysics());
//G4EmParameters* param = G4EmParameters::Instance();
//param->SetStepFunction(1., 1CLHEP::mm);
//param->SetStepFunctionMuHad(1., 1

it could run ,but there is no Radioactive decay process happend