Example B02 with Weight Window biasing

Hi all,

I’m trying to run the example B02 (examples\extended\biasing) with Weight Window biasing technique and I have an issue. I know that Weight Window biasing technique is working in example B01 (if mode=1 activated) but I need a parallel geometry which is implemented in B02 for my application.

Example B02 was initially configured to work only with Importance biasing (“mode not used yet, refer to B01 to see WeightWindow technique”) but, because Weight Window biasing technique was implemented in B02ImportanceDetectorConstruction.cc, Example B02 should also work with Weight Window biasing if I modify the below in exampleB02.cc:


physicsList->RegisterPhysics(new G4ImportanceBiasing(&pgs,parallelName));


to this:

(+ #include “G4WeightWindowBiasing.hh”)

G4VWeightWindowAlgorithm* wwAlg = 0;

wwAlg = new G4WeightWindowAlgorithm(1, 1, 100);

physicsList->RegisterPhysics(new G4WeightWindowBiasing(&pgs, wwAlg, onBoundary, parallelName));


But I got an issue when running, does anybody know how to fix this problem? It seems that #include “G4IStore.hh” is still used. I suppose there are more things to modify and I am still looking into it.

Thank you very much.