Example B1 - does not retain the visualisation window open

Hi All,
I have compiled latest geant4 version, v10.07.p01, on CentOS 7 (gcc-8.3.1). I have selected Qt5 and the OpenGL driver (no OpenInventor yet :slight_smile: ).

So, I am successfully compiling the basic example B1 but when I am executing the program the window does not stay open. I know this is silly, but I cannot figure out what is going on.

The same program performs as expected on geant4 v10.07 on RHEL7.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


In fact the Qt user interface window elements are not being generated and it is only the OpenGL window which flashes quickly.

It is working, but one has to be careful how to run the example. I did not read the README file and I’ve lost a few good hours.

./exampleB1 >>> is going to generate the right output

./exampleB1 init_vis.mac >> will not run properly unless one changes the conditional statements inside the main program.