Exemple G01 error

Hi all,

I’m trying to run the example G01 (examples\extended\persistency\gdml\G01) and I get an error.
I am working on Windows and I installed Geant4 (geant4_10_06_p02). I successfully installed Geant4 with cmake configuration settings:

XERCESC_ROOT_DIR = “C:\Geant4\xerces-c-3.2.3-install”

I downloaded Xerces (xerces-c-3.2.3.zip) from http://xerces.apache.org/xerces-c/download.cgi. I used cmake for configuration and VS 19 for installation of Xerces with basics settings (without changing anything except CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=” C:\Geant4\xerces-c-3.2.3-install”).

I also set XERCESCROOT as variable (C:\Geant4\xerces-c-3.2.3-install\bin) and (C:\Geant4\geant4_10_06_p02-install\bin) to my path.

When I build and run example G01, I got an error window with that issue:
Impossible to execute the code, xerces-c_3_2D.dll is not found.

I also restarted Geant4 cmake configuration and installation with adding entries:
XERCESCROOT = “C:\Geant4\xerces-c-3.2.3-install”
But I got the same issue.

Did I miss something during the Xerces installation? For now:

  • I downloaded clhep- library but not assigned a variable
  • I downloaded GDML_3_1_6 library but not assigned a variable
  • I did not set the environment variable GDML_INC and GDML_LIB
  • I used not tool such as GNU make or Ninja for Xerces building

I am not very familiar with C++, any idea which could help?

Is C:\Geant4\xerces-c-3.2.3-install\bin also in PATH? The directory containing xerces-c_3_2D.dll needs to be in PATH in order for the program to find/use it.

Perfectly working with your advice. Xerces\bin was missing in Path. Thank you very much.