Exporting G4UPara to GDML

Dear Experts,

The problem came when I exported the geometry to gdml in /cvmfs/sft.cern.ch/lcg/views/LCG_101 which uses Geant4-10.7.2 with VecGeom probably. The problem seems to be in G4UPara as my local installation (without VecGeom) which uses G4Para works properly. The X size of the G4Para exported to gdml via G4UPara equals to its Z size:
G4double G4UPara::GetXHalfLength() const
return GetZ();
It looks like it is also like this in 10.7.3:

If you could confirm that the problem with exporting G4Para to gdml is this one and not something else it would be helpful.
Thank you.

You should report this in the Problem reporting system:

Thank you for considering and confirming it. I will follow your advice.