Extension Factory + DNA physics

Hello everyone,

I am using an extension factory method from physics examples to understand the difference in energy deposition.
However, after running executable it shows me the next warning:

G4PhysListRegistry::GetModularPhysicsList <QGSP_BIC_EMY+G4EmDNAPhysics>, as “QGSP_BIC” with extensions “_EMY+G4EmDNAPhysics”
<<< Geant4 Physics List simulation engine: QGSP_BIC
<<< ReplacePhysics with G4EmStandardPhysics_option3 “EMY”

-------- WWWW ------- G4Exception-START -------- WWWW -------
*** G4Exception : Run0202
issued by : G4VModularPhysicsList::RegisterPhysics
Duplicate type for G4EmDNAPhysics
*** This is just a warning message. ***
-------- WWWW -------- G4Exception-END --------- WWWW -------

<<< RegisterPhysics with G4EmDNAPhysics “G4EmDNAPhysics”
<<< Reference Physics List QGSP_BIC_EMY+G4EmDNAPhysics is built

and none of DNA processes is activated.
Most probably because it’s not an extension type.

Could I fix it somehow?

Best regards,

Volodymyr Rodin

Hello again,

I have used approach from dnaphysics example instead.

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this is a good solution. I close the thread for the time being