G4AnalysisManager': ambiguous symbol

Dear all,
I have a problem when I wrote my program. I don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone help me, please? Thaks a lot.

Seems like you are doing something wrong in your “MyEventAction.cc”-file.
As far as i understand this
“error c2872 ambiguous symbol” is something like there is a variable, which is defined at two places but differently so the compiler doesn’t know what to do.
It looks like the error is related tosomewhere you used “G4AnalysisManager” in your code.
Error message suggests you define from which namespace you want to use “G4AnalysisManager” either from “G4Root::G4AnalysisManager” or “G4csv::G4AnalysisManager”

Thanks a lot. I have fixed it.