G4AnalysisManager::FillNtupleDColumn not working for Mac brew installed Geant4 and ROOT

Hi all,

I have installed Geant4 and ROOT via homebrew in Mac OS. When doing Geant4 simulation, i find that G4AnalysisManager::CreateH1 and G4AnalysisManager::FillH1 can work well. However, when i use Ntuple to write a Tree in ROOT, i find that G4AnalysisManager::CreateNtupleDColumn can create branches in a tree, but G4AnalysisManager::FillNtupleDColumn can not fill data into the branch.

I find the same program with G4AnalysisManager::FillNtupleDColumn can work well in Ubuntu where i have manually installed Geant4 and ROOT.

I think it might be caused from some connection problem with ROOT and Geant4 if we install them via homebrew in MacOS