G4OpticalPhysics LUT missing files?


I was looking at the G4OpticalSurface code and from the G4OpticalSurface::ReadLUTFile() I noticed there are no LUT files for either polishedair, etchedair or groundair.
I’ve tried to run a simulation with all of these G4OpticalSurfaceFinishes but none of the simulations seem to get stuck and I have no idea why.
It’s the same “getting stuck” behavior that happens when I have the G4SurfaceType = dielectric_LUT and my G4OpticalSurfaceFinish = ground (or any of the other finishes that is not in the LUT description)

Could you tell me why there are no “LUT-files” for these surface finishes?
And do you have any idea why my simulation gets stuck?


Could you tell me why there are no “LUT-files” for these surface finishes?
And do you have any idea why my simulation gets stuck?

The question is really, why are polishedair, groundair, etchedair part of the surface finish enum? Your simulation gets stuck because there are no data files, and there are no data files because Janecek and Moses didn’t measure those surfaces (or report it in their paper).

The other surface finishes for LBNL LUT are all of the form [surface preparation][material1][material2], e.g. polishedteflonair. polishedair, etchedair and groundair don’t fit the pattern. What do you think they should do?

I expected the polishedair and groundair to work similar to the Polished and Ground of the Unified model, and etched like a polish in between those two. Just a way to describe the interface of the material with the air.
I saw in G4OpBoundaryProcess.cc they have theStatus == PolishedAirReflection (and similar for the other 2), so it seemed to be implemented.

OK. In the Janecek/Moses paper, the surface finishes are below (cut and pasted). These correspond to the data files. Unless I’m missing something, the others are not used or implemented. I will update the documentation and code.

Our model used the same values as the standard Geant4
code for the reflectivity and had the following choices for
surface finish: polishedlumirrorair, polishedlumirrorglue,
polishedvm2000air, polishedvm2000glue, etchedlumirrorair,
groundlumirrorair, groundlumirrorglue, groundteflonair,

Thank you for updating! Might save a bit of confusion in the future.