GDML geometry and sensitive detector

Hi experts,

I’m using gdml for geometry and I found some strange things that I don’t understand.
(1) first, using replica geometry didn’t work for sensitive detector in correctly recording hits in the duplicated volumes. When doing this, I set a container filled with Air, then my detector copies are filled in, there should be air gaps which should not be considered as sensitive volume.

so the following piece of code did not work as wanted:

  <volume name="vdetBox">
      <materialref ref="PVT" />
	  <solidref ref="detBox" />
	  <auxiliary auxtype="SensDet" auxvalue="PVTdetSD" />
	  <auxiliary auxtype="Color" auxvalue="Blue" />		  
  <volume name="vdetContainer" >
      <materialref ref="vacuum"/>
	  <solidref ref="detContainer"/>
	  <replicavol number="4">
        <volumeref ref="vdetBox"/>
          <direction  y="1" />
          <width value="detY+detGapY" unit="mm"/>
          <offset value="0" unit="mm"/>
  </volume > 

Then I changed to parametrized geometry and it worked:

(2) Second, I found those non-regular geometries would not correctly work as sensitive geometry. For example, I tried trapezoid defined by and Tessellated, only when I change my sensitive volume to regular (box, eg.) it works (in correctly recording hit)…

Can anyone explain a little more? Thanks a lot!

The second piece of gdml code was missing, and here it is:



<box_dimensions x=“detX” y=“detY” z=“detZ” />

<box_dimensions x=“detX” y=“detY” z=“detZ” />

<box_dimensions x=“detX” y=“detY” z=“detZ” />

<box_dimensions x=“detX” y=“detY” z=“detZ” />



Don’t know why can’t I paste the second piece of code in …