GDML vs XML detector build


Is it possible to build detectors in Geant4 using dirrectly .XML files? Or is it possible to do this by using only GDML files?

I’m not quite clear on your question here - GDML is an XML schema, so a detector described using GDML is using XML files. Do you mean split the description up into more than one file, or use some other schema?

Apologies for the confusion, my question is: could I build the detector directly by using .XML files, and not .GDML files? I understand that GDML is an XML schema, but is there any chance I can just avoid the GDML files?

Thank you!

XML itself does not do anything - an XML file just contains wrapped information. Someone must write a piece of software to read, understand, and do something with this information. In other words, XML is a language to implement data specific languages to read/write/exchange/display information.

GDML is an example of such an XML-based language. It was implemented in the Geant4 project for the exchange of geometric information.

If you wish, you can implement your own XML-based language.

I understand!! Thank you very much for letting me know and apologies for the late answer.