Geant4 and Python

Hi All!
I’m new to Geant4 and pretty frustrated that it uses cpp
I then found out that it’s actually possible to use Python to do simulations in Geant and I’ve decided to try
I’m not sure how because many of the libraries in the tutorial that I’m using are unreachable due to the terrible download speed in Mainland China… Can anyone help? thx
Geant4 + python - 知乎 :arrow_left:this is the tutorial but it is in Chinese…
Geant4 Version: v11.1.1
Operating System: macOS Sonoma 14.0

Given the code reference in that page hasn’t been updated in 9 years, I don’t think it’s worthwhile pursuing. If you must use Python, then the two main binding available are geant4_pybind and geant4py. The former is probably closer to what you’re looking for.

These don’t currently match Geant4’s native C++ libraries for features and performance however, so bear that in mind.

Thanks I’ll try that

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