Geant4 MT - control cpu affinity & broken hyperlinks

Dear Colleagues,
How can I control CPU affinity (Linux OS) for the G4 MT application threads?

By the way, the forum links are broken. I wanted to browse the archived multithreaded section to see if this issue was raised before, but I’ve gotten a browser error. The hyperlink points to:

As a matter of fact, all the other subsections have broken hyperlinks.


Please try reading the man pages for the standard scheduling interfaces on Linux, in particular, sched(7) and sched_setaffinity(2). These should work just fine with Geant4 threads on Linux. However, if you are using Geant4’s new task-based parallelism with TBB support enabled, you can use TBB’s interfaces for that instead.

As for the links, I believe the old hypernews site has been discontinued. I don’t know if it’s still accessible somewhere. I think @makotoasai or someone else from SLAC can better answer this question.