Geant4 on a server

Hi, i am going to use geant4 and GATE on my schools server and I need to tell what I need from the server (system requirements). I never used a server and I don’t know how to describe it. I am gonna make a complex pet simulation and run like 2.000 particles and make a dataset from them for image reconstruction. What do I need?

A server is just a computer that you don’t sit in front of, don’t let it scare you :slight_smile: In summary, you will need to figure out how to connect to the server (probably via SSH; your school should provide you with the information) and then proceed as with any other computer.
The compilation instructions for GATE 9.0 can be found here: You can find the requirements there (in summary, Geant4 10.6 and ROOT). The installation instructions for Geant4 can be found in here:, there you can find the requirements. The main things are a C++ (11 or later) compiler and CMake. No idea for ROOT, that you’ll have to figure out yourself :slight_smile:
One important thing to note: it looks like GATE 9.0 requires Geant4 10.6 patch 1. Geant4 10.7 was just released; it might be worth testing it, but note that something might not work as expected. Otherwise you should use that specific version.
Good luck!

Thank you so much, that was really helpful!

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