Geant4 on Windows 11

I recently installed Geant4 on my windows system. I’'m working on radiation shielding and I want make use of the physics reference list “shielding”. Is there any example I can use or modify the source code to evaluate the fluence and energy spectra of the primary and secondary particles behind the target material after projecting ion beam to it?

This was already asked in Modifying source code on windows, so I have closed that to move discussion here (please do not duplicate posts, better to bump).

Moved to Physics category as this is more suited to there and may get a better response. Apologies, realised this was about scoring! A couple to look at that may help to get started:

Please also note that Geant4 isn’t tested or supported on Windows 11 yet, so we can’t guarantee functionality on this system (though it sounds like you have installed it o.k.!).

Okay, I made a typo. I am actually using windows 10 pro. Thank you very much.

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