Geant4 simulated radiation field

Hello everyone, I want to use GEANT4 to simulate the radiation field in three-dimensional space and the distribution of point source, line source and area source in three-dimensional space. The data I want to get is the gamma dose rate value in the whole three-dimensional space (x, y, z)! How can I achieve this? Are there any related examples for reference?


I think you cam modify any of the basic examples. I suggest you use the General Particle Source to generate easily the radiation fields you are interested in.

i think you can use Example/advanced/Radio-protection or human phantom
because in these General particle source is used and by changing in their macros you can throw gamma particle.
and then taking help of Example/Basic/B1, you should modify your code in the earlier examples i told to calculate dose value.
I think this will help.

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Hi Priyanshu,
Could you please tell me how can I change the macros? I could not understand how and where should apply macros exactly. Thanks a lot for previous comments.